The Messianic Career Foundations is one arm of the National Jewish Fellowship Yeshiva. You can read more information on the yeshiva at this link. For more details and a list of Messianic Career Foundation courses offered, click here. To enroll in our free Hebrew classes scroll down to the bottom of this page. Click on the courses you want to enroll in. You should choose one Aleph and one Bet class.

These courses are designed to help both the minister and the layperson who desires to impact the Jewish people with the Besorah (Good News) of Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah. They include courses on Jewish Evangelism, Jewish Holidays, Bible and Theology, etc. These courses are $29 each. However, we are offering two free Hebrew classes. Join us by clicking on one of the links. Below are a list of the other courses being offered later this year.

Enroll in OUR HEBREW CLASSES. They are five hour seminars. Pick one time slot for Aleph and one time slot for Bet.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have enrolled in your first course, you will receive an email with a temporary password to your account. Follow the links in the email to reset your password. This will be your account for all courses you take with the NJF Yeshiva. If you have any problems please email Carol Calise –