Welcome to the National Jewish Fellowship (NJF) Yeshiva. We are excited to be part of your spiritual journey and your desire to grow in your understanding of the Bible and Jewish culture/history to see the kingdom of G-d advance on the earth today. Our teachers are Spirit-filled men and women who are committed to seeing you not only complete our courses but grow personally in your understanding of the Scriptures and be equipped to better share the Gospel message with your Jewish friends and neighbors.

Our Yeshiva consists of four branches that we feel will offer a strong foundation for both those seeking full-time ministry and those who simply want to increase their knowledge and ability to better share their faith.

  1. Messianic Career Foundation Courses. These courses are designed to help both the minister and the layperson who desires to impact the Jewish people with the Besorah (Good News) of Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah. Click here to learn about the specific courses being offered.
  2. NJF School of Ministry. These courses are for anyone who seeks to become credentialed with the Assemblies of God. They are the standard courses required for credentialing and are taught with a Messianic Jewish understanding to prepare the minister for work among the Jewish people. Upon completion of the coursework, the student will pursue credentials with their home district.