The Besorah (Gospel) according to Isaiah is witnessed in the Messianic Age with the Restoration of Israel (2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-5), and associated with the Branch of the Lord (4:2).  We see the Virgin Birth (7:1-16) and Messiah’s deity (9:1-7).  The reign of the Righteous Messiah (11:1-16) is accompanied by His Victorious Rule (24:21-23).  The Messiah is the Cornerstone (28:16) and the promised Teacher-King (30:19-26).  The Righteous and Majestic King (32:1-8; 33:17-24) ushers in the Messianic Era (35:1-10).

The servant songs register the Commissioning of the Servant of the Lord (42:1-9), His ministry (49:1-13), His mission in a darkened world (50:4-11), and Messiah’s substitution as Servant of the Lord (52:13-53:12).  The Ruach-Anointed One will bring Restoration to Israel (61:1-6) as the Anointed Warrior and Judge (63:1-6).