Messianic Story-Telling – Oct 6, 13, 20, 2022  


Teacher:  Dr. Bill Bjoraker


The most effective way to get people into the Bible and to get the Bible into people, is storytelling. Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah was the Master Storyteller. He used stories to teach both the non-literate or semi-literate am ha aretz (common folk) in Galilee and the highly literate Torah scholars of His day in Jerusalem. He is our example for teaching methods.
60-70% of the Bible is in story form. Have we missed something in our approaches? Do we use storytelling in 60-70% of our teaching? All humans are hard-wired for stories. Every culture and society ever known has loved stories. In the postmodern era, people are especially hungry for stories. Conversational Storytelling is a non-threatening, engaging means of Jewish evangelism.
This course will give you some background study in communication in how and why storytelling is so effective. Whatever your level of formal education, you will learn a basic method of how to prepare and orally present a Bible story to a group and lead effective discussion, by asking good observation and application questions. You will be amazed at how Bible stories impact head (intellect), heart (emotions) and hands (practical action)


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