The Minor Prophets contrast Israel’s present estrangement and future restoration (Hosea 3:4-5).  The Teacher of Righteousness (Joel 2:23) is linked with the Messianic Outpouring of the Ruach HaKodesh (Joel 2:28-32).  Amos establishes that the Messiah is the key to the Restoration of the House of David (9:11-15).  Micah indicates Messiah is the catalyst to the Deliverance of Israel (2:12-13).  His eternality is contrasted with His birth in Bethlehem (5:2-5a).  Haggai registers that Messiah is the Chosen Signet ring of God (2:6-9, 21-23) while Malachi identifies Messiah as the Messenger of the Lord (3:1; 4:1-5).

Zechariah offers seven Messianic prophecies in his writing.  Messiah is the underpinning for the Restoration of Israel (3:1-10) and the very Royal Priest (6:9-15).   As Israel’s King, the Messiah is coming (9:9-10).  However, Messiah is the rejected Shepherd (11:4-14), and the Anointed One who is pierced (12:10-13:1).  He is the Shepherd King who will be stricken (13:7-9).  Yet the Messiah will definitely return (14:1-11).