Madrikh Program

Madrikh Program


Once you enroll in this program. you will be placed into each course as it becomes available.


Courses Included:

Seminars in Hebrew

HB    Alef            Easy Hebrew:  Alphabet and Vowels (Genesis 1:1-5)

HB    Bet             Your Basic 100 Hebrew Vocabulary Words


Seminar on Jewish Evangelism:

JE      Bet             Approaching Your Jewish Friends


Seminars on Jewish Life and Religious Experience

YD    Alef            Traditional Jewish Life and Religion (Talmud Torah)

YD    Bet             Contemporary Jewish Thought

YD    Gimel         Genuine Encounter with God’s Holy Spirit


Seminars on Jewish Holy Days

CG    Alef            The Sabbath

CG    Dalet          Chanukkah, Purim and Minor Occasions



Seminars in Bible and Theology

BT     Alef            Yeshua and Messianic Prophecy

BT     Bet             Israel:  The Chosen People and the Last Days

BT     Gimel         Israel:  Apostolic vs. Replacement Theologies



Seminar on Anti-Semitism

AS     Bet             The New Anti-Semitism




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